And any meat or dairy comes from abused animals.



Most people associate soy with tofu and soy milk. However, only a small portion of soy is consumed directly by humans. In fact, most of the world’s soy crop ends up in feed for poultry, pork, cattle and even farmed fish. The expansion of soy to feed the world’s growing demand for meat often contributes to deforestation and the loss of other valuable ecosystems in Latin America. 
To grow soybeans, vast expanses of land are needed. Production is overtaking huge areas in fragile ecosystems such as:
The Brazilian Cerrado (a relatively flat, mixed woodland and savannah area of central Brazil),
the Amazon,
the Chaco, and
the Atlantic Forests of South America.
This threatens wildlife and biodiversity. It also adversely affects people, the global climate, water reserves and soil quality. 
In South America, almost 4 million hectares of forests are destroyed every year, 2.6 million of them in Brazil alone.
Limiting (or you know, completely avoiding) consumption of animal-based food products, particularly meat, is one thing people can do to help end this devastating trend. 

i was expecting scary anti-vegan commentary but i am v happy about the fact that there is none

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With Veganism you give nothing up. You just stop taking that which is not yours.

— Jamison Scala (via cleanbodyfreshstart)

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Don’t drink cow’s milk.

Anonymous asked: It is a lifestyle choice you dipshit. If someone wants to eat meat let them. It's none of your business if people eat animals we've been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years and we're not going to stop because some uppity little pissant vegans think its wrong.




The problem with you people is that you always forget there are victims here. You talk about your meat-eating habits like they don’t affect anyone, but they do. These are lives we’re talking about. And the fact that we’ve been eating or using animals for hundreds of thousands of years doesn’t mean a fucking thing. It might have been necessary in the past, but it’s not now. So yeah, I think it’s about time we leave them the fuck alone. If that makes me uppity and pissant, so be it. At least I don’t consider myself so important that others have to live and die for my benefit.

The worst statement in the world is “we have always done it this way.” And the idea that because we have eaten meat for hundreds of thousands of years is indicative that we should continue to is an ill-considered one.

Paleolithic humans were actually almost exclusively vegetarian according to recent discoveries and meat eating was only really a part of the diet in the Neolithic period due to food scarcity. This was aided by the big, strong jaw and large teeth. Traits that have disappeared over time and evolution. The human jaw as it is now could not chew the meat as they did “hundreds of thousands of years ago” because it is too small. Also our stomachs cannot properly ingest raw meat (our digestive system is herbivorous in structure).

Ancient societies were vegetarian. The Egyptians were did not ingest meat and, since dairy was only introduced in the past 10, 000 years or so, you could suggest they were actually vegan. There is a tribe in the Himalayas that has been vegan for 5000 years so veganism is not new at all.The Chinese also had a primarily vegetarian population. The Quing dynasty had three forms of vegetarianism.

Ancient Greeks like Pythagoras were vegetarian.
Meat was only a very minor part of the diet in the ancient civilisations of the Americas.

Humans have not, historically, had such a meat-based diet. It is a fairly new part of our development and goes against our anatomy. In face, the use of cooking and cutlery has caused changes in our facial structure that make us even less structured to consume meat.

You have done no research, clearly. You’re just going off of out-dated elementary ideas of what our ancestors really ate and you are completely and utterly wrong. If anyone is the pissant here it is you, the one uneducated and clueless about your history and anatomy. If you want to eat the way humans have for hundreds of thousands of years? Ditch the milk and eggs and eat more veggies and grains.

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