It’s 2014. In this day & age there is NO need for animals to be on our plates, our backs, locked in a lab, or chained & abused to be on stage. SHARE if you agree!

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I actually dislike that animals are harmed by it. I hate it, and I agree that it’s a terrible thing. But guess what, how the fuck else are we going to test our drugs and other products that if left untested could kill us?

If all of you vegans wanna step up and be the new…

Anonymous asked: You said recently that you arent usually happy with your posts so i was wondering what are some of your favourite posts that you have made that you are happy with?



Umm okay I had to do some sifting through my archive but here are some that I am proud of!

Serious posts:

Reply to someone telling me there’s no such thing as vegan

Exposing rhetoric non vegans use to downplay the issue of non human suffering  (here’s a similar post about the same subject I was pretty happy with too

Retort to the famous “ur vegan u cant have anti venom when u get bitted by snake”

Respect my opposing opinions!

Animal testing (flipped this post so hard the dude deleted his blog)

An ask about veganism and ED’s, for how touchy this subject is I felt I handled it fairly well (ED tw, obviously)

Vegan advocacy tips

All animal use needs to be eradicated, treatment is not the only issue

Chelsea Peretti can go fuck herself

Vegan arguments vs non vegan “arguments”

Others are still gonna eat meat!

Loving animals and eating them

Alien Invasion 

Veganism helps humans too

Taking away my rights!

Hold your tongue, vegan

Funny posts:

You just did the thing I said (pt 2)

Cherry picking 

Victim complex

I hate militant vegans

Veganism is so fucking expensive

Anti vegan blog book

Can vegans still swallow my cum

This is only on this list because of how hard everyone cried about it

Food chain

I love animals

Soy Soy Soy

There are probably a fair few posts that I have forgotten but for now this list will do! n.n 

This is great. You are great.


You Are A Plant by uncacti • Pls do not delete/s.p x

Anonymous asked: i think you're super cool but i mean dude people are allowed to have their own opinions on how and what they eat. i respect you for being vegan please try to respect me/others for NOT being vegan


I need to take a megaphone to the closest mountain top so I can scream this from the skies, in hope that this argument finally dies.

Difference in opinion DOES NOT warrant mutual respect. 

Your opinion defends everything that I stand against. 

Your opinion encourages the continuance of an institutionalized oppression that has an annual body count of 150 billion strong.

Your opinion takes the lives of loving, feeling, thinking sentient beings and reduces them to fucking nothing. Then you strip them of their victimhood by insisting this is just about what you put in your mouth.

Your opinion silences the screams of suffering bellowed out by those affected by it. So confident that nothing you are doing is wrong that you have the audacity to come to me and try to silence my words on behalf of them?

If you want some reassurance that you are allowed to have your opinion then go bask in the glow of the billions of others that share it with you and the society that encourages it. Don’t invade the place I come to hide and demand respect. Because you sure as fuck aren’t going to get any reassurance or respect from me because there is absolutely fucking NOTHING about your opinion worthy of respect.

How I feel when someone says “found the vegan”



yes hi hello you called yes here I am